Amazing Kids Play Area in Hawkesbury

At Clarendon Tavern, we offer a charming kids zone in Hawkesbury that can give your children hours of fun and entertainment. Our courtyard features all the playground equipment, seats and games for your kids in order to give them a safe place to play. While kids can play securely, parents can enjoy a great time with their friends and family at the pub. Our spectrum of services include courtyard bar, main bar, bistro, arcade area for kids, gaming lounge, nightclub and so much more to keep both parents and kids entertained.

Clarendon Tavern has always been a favourite destination of kids to indulge in some great fun time with their friends and family. You can book our venue for all the celebrations like kids’ birthday, wedding night, get-together, and everything else. Your kids can have all the active fun at the venue while you enjoy delicious food and quality beverages along with your guests.


Clarendon Tavern – Most Entertaining Kids Zone in Hawkesbury

Clarendon is a local leading pub which is a perfect family destination and kids’ zone that promises to add an extra pop of fun to every party. This place will definitely give your kids’ a greater satisfaction and make them feel even more thrilling in a variety of ways. From casual occasions to fancy parties, we ensure to cater to your entire party requirements. Our friendly staff takes complete responsibility to serve delicious foods and snacks for the kids. The interior and exterior of our pub are fabulously furnished with all the necessary equipment and amenities.

Our kids' play area in Hawkesbury include games, dancing, music, balloons, and lots of magic that can turn your kids’ day even more adventurous. You can count on us to make it a fun, thrilling and entertaining day for your kids.

Reserve your seats now to see a big smile on your kids’ faces!

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