Family Functions Organiser in Hawkesbury

Clarendon Tavern is a well-known family pub situated between Richmond and Windsor where you can have a blast with your family, whatever the occasion is. We provide a fabulous family setting to make your special events even more remarkable and memorable. Whether it is a birthday, family get-together, family dinner, special wedding night, or anything else, family functions organiser in Hawkesbury gets you covered with all the party arrangements.

Our team at the pub will make sure that your family function is astonishing and successful, beyond your expectations. Our facilities include a fascinating bar area, kids play spot, bistro, courtyard bar, gaming lounge, and other major attractions that can keep all your guests engaged throughout the party. Also, there is plenty of space for parking and is equipped in every way to enhance your family function.


Clarendon Tavern – Experience the Thrill and Fun With Your Family

At Clarendon Tavern, our team can cater to all the needs of your guests taking the whole experience to the next level. We have a variety of menu options available for both kids and adults. Our pub can accommodate up to 100-150 guests at one time. We take a complete charge of food and beverages at Clarendon Tavern so that you can have all the family fun in Hawkesbury, without worrying about anything. We provide a wide range of facilities such as private function room, liquor, DJ, microphone for speeches, reserved tables, sound system, clean bathrooms, and much more to create an inviting environment at the function. Our friendly staff is truly committed to maintaining the highest standards to impress your guests.

Over the years, we have been organising beautiful and tranquil settings for family gatherings and have gained knowledge of addressing the needs of all kinds of family functions. With our experienced staff and services, all you need to do is to just relax and enjoy the fun.

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